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I'm a creator, innovator, and self-taught cook currently studying at Stanford University.

I'm enchanted by the stories we can tell and be told through food (I've always been a fan of fairy tales) and by the individual and collective set of emotions represented in a dish. 

Food is universal.

In other words, everyone has to eat.

By this simple fact, food has the inherent power to create community through shared experience. But this is certainly not the whole story; my love for Ovaltine could be in direct contrast to another's disgust for it. And so we should also recognize that food is an intensely individual adventure we each embark on that leaves us, collectively, with a vast array of negative and positive sentiments heaped upon our plates.


Food is a lifeblood, literally and figuratively.

This is a documentation of my experiences with food, experiments and recipes that are part of my adventure, and a bit of fun for my own ends. I hope you enjoy it as well, and find an adventure to have.


First Place, 2020 Cardinal Cook-Off

Co-Author, Human-Food Interaction Framework: A New Design Tool Used to Understand Amateur Home Cooks’ Needs

Co-Author, Human-Food Interaction Framework: Understanding Student-Athletes’ Extreme Food Needs

Guest Experience & Networking, FoodInno 2019

Kuvumbua Student Innovation Fellow 2020-21, Baole

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